The Time of the Event

“Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

What is the direction of time in English?

The English are typically proud of “letting go” of past insults and injuries. “Let bygones be bygones,” we say. “It’s water under the bridge.” […]

The souls of Canadian folk

This is a follow-up to a previous post called “Wilderness and Canadian identity.”

What that post found in our national and provincial parks, this one will explore at a psychical level. If our identities are tied to a particular conception of wilderness, what are the symptoms of this condition? How does the Canadian psyche operate under the influence of this concept?

Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Moving On […]

Wilderness and Canadian identity

The Canadian ideology of wilderness is two-sided. On the one hand, the untouched nature, represented more or less abstractly, is Canadians’ spiritual soil, our true north strong and free, our strength, our virtue, our potential as a nation, etc. At the same time, the actual wilderness is a testing ground for our lumberjack virility. The wilderness is a gym, and the land itself makes us strong.

Hidden between the two poles is a strange Indigenous presence that is everywhere and nowhere on this ideal terrain: our wilderness recreational activity emulates and embodies what our symbolic adoption of the land as “untouched nature” erases. […]

What does “Cheers” mean in Canada?

“Cheers!” can be used while toasting, where it is equivalent to Salud! Down the hatch! Santé! Indeed it is, me old cock, and long may your big jib draw! etc. But there is another use, purportedly equivalent to thank you “when giving or receiving something”. Wait. When giving? Who says thank you when giving something? […]

In a drunken stupor

Reading The Odyssey (Rieu translation), I’m loving the gory descriptions. Here’s one that stands out – describing the Cyclops, Polyphemus, who’s been snacking on Odysseus’ friends, and whom Odysseus has finally succeeded in intoxicating with his prized dark wine. (The wine was given him by Maron, son of Euanthes and priest of Apollo, from a […]